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"I ****ed up :("
i love my girlfriend...and she loves me....but i said a couple months back that id never smoke weed...and i got depressed and i did it with my friends. I told her emidiatly and she flipped...she doesnt think she can trust me....and i said that i was sorry...a hundred times and swore id never do it again. But she just doesnt believe me :( idk what to do to make things! :(
posted by Bob (age 17) on 4/17/2014 @11:05:58 AM •
I don't have any advice for you except to hang in there. My boyfriend did the same thing to me and you have to realize how hard it is for the girl. She trusted you and believed in you with her whole heart and you let her down. You have to keep making it up to her over and over again. Goodluck!
posted by Sarah on 4/22/2014

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