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"screwed up"
I recently just got out of a relationship that meant the world to me. I loved him and cared so much bout him. we had something to special. I was friends with a girl, who brought me down in a bad way. she was a negative influence and gave me advise on my relationship. I knew she was wrong, but she manipulated me in believing it were true. I was drunk and she took advantage of me taking inappropriate pictures of me, told me to give it to my bf, knowing he wouldn't like it. we obviously broke up, and the guy I love messaged this girl told her she need to mind her own bizz...she didn't like that. she got pissed and started war. she began to threaten me that she would ruin my life, and ruin my bf life. this guy dosnt desrve any of this.
the other night, was threating to kill her self so I snuck out and went over...big mistake. not only did I lose the guy I love.....but my parents no longer trust me. after all they did I betrayed them and the man I loved. im getting help cause I know this is not who I am, but its so hard to deal I don't know what to do.....this girl is ruining this amazing guy saying he better watch him self... and this girl her friend are also running my family and myself calling me a prostitute and what not. my friend ruined my relationship and I was so stupid to feed in her advice . my question there any hope for me to get better and be the person god made me to be? im so lost and feel so humiliated with myself. I lost three people in my life that meant the world to me......I screwed up bad and I need help.
posted by yulia (age 19) on 4/17/2014 @7:22:01 PM •
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