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"My mom wont believe me PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!"
I came home from my friends house and I put an envelope on the counter which contained a note. I want in my room and played video games for a little bit and then my mom called me downstairs and asked me where i got this note from. This note had handwriting that looked just like mine, except i didnt write it. I told her I got it from a friends friend at school, because i didnt think she would believe the real truth. The real truth was I was walking down the hallway at school and I picked up the note and kept it with me all day. And this note had x rated stuff in it. 😬 i did tell my mom the real truth but now she thinks im a disgusting and terrible kid . :( PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Louie (age 13) on 4/17/2014 @10:28:23 PM •
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