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"whats the deal?"
I moved out here, and found it difficult to make friends, but after about a year I started to make friends and really grew to like them alot, we never really hung out that much though, then all of a sudden Im not aloud to see any of my friends because nobodys parents trust me, I never did anything to lose anybodys trust, it just kinda happened like overnight, now all I want to do is go back to where I used to live, where all my true friends live. I have been trying as hard as I can, but as soon as I make plans, its like they just get flushed... I just dont know what to do.
posted by Ben on 2/19/2008 @6:14:33 PM •
sounds like you need to talk to your new friends. someone needs to give you an explanation...someone knows what happened...did you ever hear a rumor going around about you?
posted by sara on 2/19/2008
it is sooo hard to make friends when you have to start from scratch. just give it time. trust will have to be built on both sides. people are also usually really careful about opening up to someone new. they like the safety of familiar people and are sometimes not willing to try a new person out. it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. it's like that for most everyone.

if it's still impossible to gain friends after a while, is it a possibility to move back?
posted by me on 2/20/2008

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