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"Is it going to work?!"
Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together since August 2013. We met online and met each other in person then decided to date. We'll I found out he had taken girls home with him a five hour trip, he was talking to girls online saying he wanted to date them and flirting and other stuff. He also at one pointe got drunk at a party and let his roommates gf and friend take him home. He lied to me about smoking for 4 months and he's told little lies here and there including possibly smoking weed on New Years. But since then he has completely turned around. In December we moved in together and after the New Years incident he's been an amazing boyfriend. We even got a house to rent,adopted two dogs and he let me quit my job. He's been so great and continues to quit smoking. But my problem is I get mad at him over every little thing. Like if a girl messages him on Facebook I get upset just because I can't trust him. We are going to his hometown in June for a festival and I know a lot of his friends including a lot of girls will be there, I'm so scared he will cheat on me or dump me for one of them because also since we have been dating I have gained 50 pounds so I don't feel attractive at all. But my question is how do I let go of the past and accept the new him without thinking of those things he did to me every time a small situation comes up?
posted by Sarah on 4/22/2014 @1:05:53 PM •
Sorry to say this but that guy sounds like he sucked. I know that if I was dating a guy that had that past I couldn't let go of it. If he did horrible things to me and others I couldn't forgive him. I suggest that's what you do. plain and simple, just break things off with him. Or if you don't want that and you still wanna be with this guy. Than you should sit him down and have a talk. From my experience talking is the key to any good relationship. Hope my advice helped
XOXO Helpful Girl
posted by Helpful Girl on 6/20/2014

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