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"I love but i dont?"
Well...this girl a while back...i feel in love with her. She was my everything. I waited for her. Eventually we got together and she became my girlfriend. I fell in love with her. So badly that i couldnt think about any other. But eventually after 4 months. She changed. Horribly. And she treated me like garbage. I tried to be a better boyfriend. Went the extra mile (which is pretty hard when you have school, sports, and bills to pay along with my job). It went to the point where I eventually broke up with her because i couldnt take the heart ache. She moves on immediately. I....well I on the other hand...i kind of went on to a rebound. And i feel horrible. I went straight to another girl because i needed someone to care. She cared. But this girl (with my luck of course) turned into a psycho and told me i couldnt hang with my friends and said it could only be me and her. Well. As you can guess. I gave her the boot. Now The original girl i fell in love wants me back. But i have been with this other girl who i had a thing with a while back. And it seems like she treats me so much better and shes so nice and we just laugh together and i mean. Im happy. But i feel like when im with her i cant physically do everything i want to. Like kissing her, hugging her, sex...i just feel guilty. Like i owe something to the girl i fell in love with. And i need to get past it. Does any of that make sense? I feel so lost. But i want to move on and dont wanna get hurt by the so called "love of my life". Someone please help 😔
posted by Nick (age 17) on 4/25/2014 @5:16:44 AM •
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