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My only daughters wedding is a month away. It is at our home so it means a lot of work. She has told me several times over the past year that she needs space and will be taking that space from me after the wedding. She says it is not me. It is her. That she feels too dependent and needs to know for herself that she can live without us. I was devastated... she has been out of the house at school for 10 years! Our contact as it was, was down to a few texts a week. She has travelled the world on her own and is a doctor! How much more independent can she get? I am depressed and unable to enjoy the wedding preps. I've lost my motivation to be helpful happy "mob".Both she, my husband seem to think I should rise above it. I am a simple creature... it makes no sense to me... if ppl love each other they don't severe ties, right? What do I do?
posted by elizabeth (age 55) on 4/30/2014 @1:50:07 PM •
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