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ive lived in this small town for 11 years..i created some bad experiences 7 years ago. what happened to me the law got involved and now i feel i've been tormented by some of the people here..i have tried soo hard to ignore them, tried to be extra nice..im a quite person and keep to myself, not with any klick here, so im sure that doesnt help. especially in the grocery store where when i walk in this one girl will look at me and it looks as thou she's talking about me, one time i walked in and i heard her say omg there she is, the other customers looked at me. i cant hear exactly what is being said but just ignore, but come on going on 8 years and i havent had any other problems since and it wont stop with there gossip..what can i do? i want to move but i wouldnt be able to move far and think it will follow me. You wouldnt believe some of the stuff ive had to experience, they call themselves christian and they go to church but they are the reason i wouldnt go to church. i am being bullied by adults and feel im the better person not reacting in a negative way..but i dont have anyone reaching out to me to be on my side thru this.
posted by M. (age 52) on 5/7/2014 @11:41:11 PM •
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