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"please help me..."
okay so i really like this guy at my school and at first i thought he liked me too cuz he would be joking around and flirting with me...but then when i started talking to him more, he was like really uninterested. i'm so confused cuz i thought he liked me but then he's always flirting with other girls at our school. i really like this guy and i wanna know what to do and if he likes me or if he's just a super flirter. please help me?
posted by stef on 2/19/2008 @7:10:42 PM •
play hard-to-get. don't let him think he's bothering you. if he doesn't respond, i'd give up- he's probably not interested. if he likes you, he'll step up and show you.

really, it sounds to me like he's a big flirt, but you need to find out for yourself.
posted by sami on 2/19/2008
i'd tell you just to ask him if he likes you. It sucks being unsure and if he doesn't like you it's better to know now than later and have wasted your time crushing on some guy that just isn't interested. You could miss a chance with another great guy because you are too preoccupied to see him.
posted by bex on 2/19/2008
get him by hisself then ask if he would ever think about going out with you. and if he say maybe say this is a yes or no qeustion.
posted by jeremy on 2/20/2008
hey omg you guys are awesome helping me out...thank you so much! i wanna ask him out but then i thought about it for a bit and i was like,"well would that be very classy?" i don't want to seem desperate...and on the other hand,i like the idea that i could get him alone and ask him. but the problem with that is that he's really popular and everyone is always hanging around him and stuff. mostly my nerves are getting in the way of me doing anything. it's really frustrating to have such serious feelings for someone and have them not know how you feel about them. your advice is really great and i want to thank you.
posted by stef on 2/20/2008
posted by stef on 2/20/2008
tell him for sure! if you have all of these feelings and know what you want to do, do it! soon...before some other girl does!
posted by sami on 2/20/2008
i know what you mean about telling him how i feel and stuff...i'm afraid that he's gonna say no. or he's gonna tell all his friends and then it's gonna be like i'm some retard or something. i guess its just kind of hard for me. i wish i could have someone tell him for me but i know that it wouldn't mean as much to HIM if he feels the same way, you know?
posted by stef on 2/20/2008
well... if i was the guy, i wouldn't care if it came directly from you. if you're too nervous, i don't see anything wrong with sending in a spy to find out. but i guess it depends on the guy. it's hard without actually knowing him...
posted by jason on 2/20/2008
i guess i know where you're coming from. i don't know why i'm so nervous...i've told a guy that i like him before. maybe it means that i'm more serious about him. i think i would be a little more confident about it if my friends were backing me up. they're telling me that it wouldn't be right for ME to tell HIM that i like him. but i guess it only really matters about what i want to do. i mean, it's my life, not theirs, right?
posted by stef on 2/21/2008
i was also thinking about asking him to meet me between our houses. because we live within walking distance of each other...would that be weird? i mean, i'm only in eighth grade...i don't want him to think that i want to be in some serious relationship or anything, but i'm really curious about him. whether or not he likes me and would go out with me. etc.
posted by stef on 2/21/2008
if i were you, i might try the spy thing...that way no one gets embarrassed. i really, really hope this works out for you! if this guy knew how much you like him, he would be crazy to pass you up. you seem like such a sweet girl and i can't wait to see what happens. good luck!!
posted by mindy on 2/21/2008
thanks mindy!!
posted by stef on 2/21/2008
anytime! :)
posted by mindy on 2/22/2008
you guys are all so awesome for giving me advice...i think i know what i'm gonna do and i wouldn't have decided on it if it weren't for you guys...thanks again!!
posted by stef on 2/22/2008

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