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I am at a crossroads. I am trying to make a tough decision regarding what graduate school I should attend. My fiance and I have just moved out west (albeit temporarily, being that we have seasonal jobs), and I have been offered a teaching assistantship at a school in my home state back east. The school offers most of what I desire in a graduate program: a teaching assistantship, flexibility to choose my own research topic, an amiable advisor. However, the quality of the program itself, for my field of study, is not great. Few professors are specifically focused within my field, which I assume means access to fewer resources. For years I have dreamed of living (and staying) out west, and I am debating whether I should turn down this opportunity and apply to schools out here instead. Already I have had professors from western schools showing interest, schools that have reputable programs and well renowned scientists in my field of interest. While I am confident that I can find another opportunity, the uncertainly of it makes me nervous and scared. Furthermore, the job opportunities are far more abundant here than back home, which is better for my fiance. Despite all this, I struggle with leaving my home state. I find that I greatly miss my family, my friends, and everything I have previously known. It has been a back-and-forth struggle making this decision, and I feel having the advice of those without a vested interest may help. Thank you in advance.
posted by Maude on 5/29/2014 @9:05:39 PM •
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