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I am the only person in my family to go to college at all, am go to school at all with higher than a C average. I have a lot of pressure put on me to be perfect and never make a mistake in this passive aggressive way that makes it hard to bring up anything. We are also very poor so I am paying for everything and though they support my decisions it has been drilled in my head since I was very little to get a high paying job. They want me to be a doctor, and so I'm currently studying to be a nurse, but I don't even know if want to go into the medical field, or any 'prestigious' career. They expect so much from me that I never got to enjoy childhood, or be a teen, experience anything at all really. I know I'm still young but I missed out on fundamental opportunities and fun. All I do is work to pay for bills even though I live at home and I have all the home and family responsibilities because I've grown so fast, and they expect me to make all the right decisions...I don't want to do anything anymore. Help!
posted by Kate (age 19) on 6/4/2014 @8:45:12 PM •
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