relationship advice (post new situation)
"i want him back to me "
i met him on chat talking alot , about one month then we met in the person he told me he like me alot kissing me and touching me , the problem i was so nerves this is first time i saw him , he kissed me and kept him but im not kissed him back , hes kissed me 4 times soft and short through the talk and i kept him but im not kissed him back , but i told him ilke him alot and hug him alot and he told me im so attractive and sexy .
im so afried he thought im cold feeling or im not like him becouse im not kissed him back i was so afried and nurves ?
posted by sara (age 34) on 6/7/2014 @5:42:12 PM •
Hey Sara,
This guy sounds like he's into you. BUT what do you really know about him. He seems like a stranger to me. especially since you met in a chat room. You should get to know him and maybe he will let you take it slow. You should really sit down and talk to him. If it all goes well and he respects your decision to take it slow than he's a keeper. But if he says no and insists on a fast pace than tell him to take a hike. Hope my advice helped
XOXO Helpful Girl
posted by Helpful Girl on 6/20/2014

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