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"how does the heart feel"
after 5 years in a relationship things are starting to crumble hes going through his middle aged crazy period i love him but i dont think I deserve the flack hes throwing in my direction .....what to do does love out weigh life....i try to do the right thing in this relationship but when he goes 2 and 3 months not cleaning up physically it doesnt do much for my wanting him sexually and he wonders what my problem gees God someone tell me what to do
posted by Brendy on 2/19/2008 @9:42:12 PM •
i think guys that go through the crisis thing just want to know that they're needed, that they have value, and that they can still do young things. but young things should include cleaning up! maybe you should ask him what would make him feel better...
posted by jake on 2/21/2008
have you told him that he has to stop? if the tables were turned, what would he do? it would be hard for most anyone to find a dust-pan attractive...
posted by jenni on 2/21/2008

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