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"pregnant ex -girlfriend"
I was with a girl for two months. we knew each other for a year. she just told me she is 9 weeks pregnant. she wants to keep the baby and is sooo happy. I have a new girlfriend and things are going great.
my ex blocked me from facebook and blocked my number after we broke up. we broke up 6 weeks into the pregnancy . I want to be there for the my unborn. and I want to be there whil she is pregnant because she is carrying my child . now she unblocked me one week before she told me she was pregnant . this is my first child and don't know what to do. I live with my sister and she lives with her PARENTS. and now she wants to talk to me
posted by gerardo (age 29) on 6/15/2014 @5:53:46 PM •
Im doing this anonymously... You don't need to fret. This girl obviously wants you to be there or else she wouldn't have told you about it. You as the father have a right to be there. SO GO!!! i bet she will be glad to get some support. And as for your new girl... tell her. I know if I was her I would want to know. If she dumps you then it wasn't meant to be. If she stays, then put a ring on that finger!!! Hope this helped
XOXO Helpful Girl
posted by Helpful Girl on 6/20/2014

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