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"I'm in a hole"
I really need advice. In my freshman year of high school I told my mom I thought I was attracted to other girls. Then my dad found out and my life has been extremely difficult since then. He won't let me hang out with other girls even thought they are just my friends. Then again he doesn't want me hanging out with guys either. I'm a Christian and so are my family members, which makes the situation harder. One day my friend told
Me I couldn't get this certain girl to like (which I ha a crush on) an I knew she was straight, but I did a horrible thing.. About 3 months after my friend said that, I told all my friends including some
My cousins who found out through social media that that girl and I were dating. And to this day, 9 months later that lie is still going on... That girl is a close friend of mine though. I feel terrible... I don't even want to be attracted to other girls anymore. I want a clean slate and a new start, but I don't know how to get there...
posted by Noemy on 6/18/2014 @9:13:18 PM •
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