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"couldn't control myself "
My boyfriend for a year and I went out the other night. Long story short, he dances with every female he walks by. Some a little closer than others. I got jealous, I couldn't keep my cool. So every time I seen him dancing with another girl, I walked by and pinched him. I guess he got sick of being pinched so he kinda got physical with me. He doesn't want to be with me anymore, he said my emotions took over. Is he right ? Should I have acted differently? We are now broken up and I am devastated, alcohol was involved on both ends. What do I do? He says he is in love with me but he doesn't want to go to jail because of my anger issues..what do I do..i love him and I know I screwed do I fix this? I am desperate....
posted by char (age 42) on 6/24/2014 @4:53:28 PM •
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