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"Should we take her in?"
My older cousin had moved out of her home because her new step mom was verbally abusing her so she stayed with a lady from her school and babysat her kids. Her birth mother just got out of prison for the umpteenth time since her most recent children had been born (we honestly don't even know how many children she has or how many different fathers there are, she is a very bad woman an we don't really communicate with her), and needed a place to stay so, my cousins very generous temporary caretaker , took her mom in as well. In a semi-predictable turn of events , the mother managed to get caught stealing things from the home and got a jail sentence and her daughter kicked out of the house. again. She just called and asked if she could come stay with us until this school year was over seeing as she had no home, no boyfriend, and no job. Should we take her in or try to send her back to her father?
posted by Kay (age 17) on 6/26/2014 @1:36:56 AM •
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