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"Two guys"
I have a big problem that I need help on fast. So me and this boy have been talking for a while to the point where we're almost in a relationship. Well, it's really hard to see him because he lives an hour away and because of that it's really hard to have trust between us. But, he treats me like no guy has ever before and he makes me happy but when I'm with him it just doesn't feel right. We hungout a couple times but it's just not right. I'm also talking to this other guy, he lives closer to me and we've been really close for a while now. He makes me laugh and he's got a great personality and I just fell head over heels for him when he kissed me the other day. I may even start to have feelings for him. But idk who to choose because my first guy is sensitive and such a sweetheart and idk how to tell him and he'll be heartbroken but the second guy is a wiser choice because he lives closer, he's also got a really good personality and it just feels real with him. Idk what to do! And the second guy knows I have a "thing" with the first guy and he wants me to tell my other guy about us...and my other guy feels like there's something going on between me and the second guy. Someone help!
posted by Katie on 6/27/2014 @2:12:28 AM •
I'd choose the 2nd. If you truly loved the first, you wouldn't even think about the second.
posted by Stacy on 7/2/2014

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