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i am moving away from all my freinds again
posted by jeremy on 2/20/2008 @1:58:04 PM •
man it sounds like that may have happened to you before... just remember though - you moved to where you are today, and you made plenty of friends. you'll make new ones, plus you can keep in touch with the ones you have now. you'll have double the friends of everybody else.
posted by jake on 2/21/2008
i'm sorry! i know all about that. it's hard to make friends if you're constantly moving around. don't forget your old friends. make sure you take phone numbers, emails, addresses, and anything else you need to communicate with them. just because you move on doesn't mean you have to forget the people you know now...
posted by mindy on 2/21/2008
I kind of know how you feel only the opposite. After high school all my closest friends moved away for college, and my boyfriend went to Iraq. I was all by myself. BUT I made great friends at school, I wouldn't trade them for the world, and made some other really good friends through my job. It'll be alright. I promise you.
posted by Courtney on 2/22/2008

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