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"My friend Katie"
My friend Katie & I go to the same church. We got to know each other about a year ago & just clicked. Since then, we've been meeting weekly just to catch up & do a bible study. A couple of months ago she started acting very distant. We ended up going 7 weeks without meeting & when I tried to talk to her I got very short answers in response. I knew something was going on but she just wouldn't tell me. I then got a text from her saying she was pregnant & that she really missed our getting together. This baby was a surprise but she already has a little boy & a wonderful husband & they are very excited.
I'm just hurt. It seems to me that I value her as a friend a lot more than she does with me. I understand that she was coming to terms w everything, but I would have at least appreciated her to at least tell me that she had a lot going on & wouldn't be able to meet for a while.
She expects me to be open with her about my life, but I find that very hard to do now that I see that she doesn't do the same with me.
Am I wrong? I've talked to her and told her a little bit about how I felt but I haven't seen her in person yet. What should I do?
posted by Jessica (age 25) on 7/3/2014 @2:05:02 AM •
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