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"My Bf is pregnant and selfish."
Ive know my friend since high school. we are reaching 8 years of knowing on another and feeling like we can talk to each other. long story short she left her parents home after 18 because she didnt want to follow their rules anymore. shes be sleeping with married men and men she met off the internet. she does not want to reconcile with her parents at all eventhough they have made huge efforts to show they care. she moved a hour way last summer and has not talked to anyone but me. she then moved eight hours away and discovered she was pregnant with a man she was dating briefly before she moved eight hours away. Her parents want her to move home so they can better take care of her she is 22 has no drivers license and no degree. she owes the college she was going to briefly money and she works part time at a walmart. she wants to give the baby up for adoption. her parents want to adopt the baby. she says no and doesnt want to move home where she can learn to become an independent women. She calls and ****es and moans about having no plan and how much her parents dont love her but they are willing to do everything to help her. What can i say to make her see she does have a plan its called admit you messed up and go home.
posted by Tyla (age 22) on 7/9/2014 @12:01:18 AM •
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