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"stepbrother is a user!"
my stepbrother came into my fathers house when he was eight now there is my sister an I sister an I moved out when we were 18 an he moved out at 22 because he had a baby with a girl an that didn't work out after 3months so he moved back to my dads house for a few months at least that's what he a said it has been years he is now 40 an wont get out my dad has told him that he is retared now an can no longer support him ,everytime my dad an his mother goes out for a meal they always have to get take out for him ,he doesn't have a licence or a car my drives him everywere my dad is a kind hearted man an would do anything for anyone but I think he is taking advantage of him an my dad is 73 years old now we just found out that my fathers girlfriend an my stepbrothers mom has stage four lung cancer I have been at the hospital with my dad while my stepbrother sits at home I would sit for hours an days he does nothing but sit home an call my dad about what will they have for supper pick me up something on your way home I am so sick of it that I finally blew last week an told hime to pack his **** an get out of my fathers house he was mad an my dad didn't say anything about it he has been asking him to leave for a long time ,he doesn't help out with his own mother or visit her when shes in the hospital an my dad is getting tiered iam afraid for him .so a week went by an he still wasn't moving out my dad had to take her to the hospital for the day ,so I told my man if u see my stepbrother let him have it good so he had told him that it was enough an to stop taking advantage of a 73old an act like a man an get a place of his own an know what its like to pay bills an rent so get out u have till the 17th of july or we will put your stuff out,my dad came home an soon enough he came to my house an was mad that we could go in his house an make leave I was in shoke that my dad took his side because me an my dad are very close sience that night I haven't spoke to my dad an I blame my stepbrother for it all ,I cant even go to my dads place to vist anymore as long as he is still living there what do u think?
posted by tammy on 7/11/2014 @6:27:20 PM •
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