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Hi I had a really upsetting day. A bad day. I have 2 kids I run 2 business with my boyfriend and I work part time. Well I was very tired today. I had texted a client earlier if she would still be wanting to meet for dinner and she never responded. I went and and did errands and then let my mother borrow the car. I got home I worked 4 hours while taking care of a crying baby. Then right before my boyfriend got home I got a text from the girl that she was on her way for the dinner meeting. My boyfriend asked if I had my purse to pay for dinner and I had left it in my car which my mother had and who was an hour away. He was so angry with me and yelling at me. We ended up still going. I told him about my day and he took it like I was complaining about my kids and shouldn't say I'm tired. Everyone is tired. But it wasn't like that, I just wanted to tell him how I felt. I finally got my kids to sleep and sat down to relax, and then he came and put a youtube video of a dead little girl who's father was crying over her from Syria. My heart dropped. My boyfriend said you shouldn't be complaining about your kids. I was so sad to see that and started crying and can't get over it. He does this a lot makes me feel bad and it's always my fault and I can't ever say I'm tired. I need advice
posted by Veronique on 7/16/2014 @5:28:48 AM •
I know this is an old post, but I'm responding anyway. For some reason, guys don't always understand what it takes to be a mom. They think you just hang out all day, play around some with the kids, and have a blast. YES, there are fun times, but it's truly hard work. I have a job that allows me to work at home, so I see it firsthand. It's HARD work - and that's even if you don't already have two businesses.

People are different, and some people have to talk to work through things, to feel better about things. It doesn't mean you're complaining. It just means you're a human. If I compare somebody being rude to me at Target to Syria, Syria always wins. But it's still uncool when somebody's rude, so I wanna talk about it. From your post, it sounds like you're doing everything you can to be the best mom you can. It's awesome.
posted by jon on 9/9/2014

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