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how can you really tell if someones cheating on you.and ways you can find out
posted by tm on 2/20/2008 @2:47:15 PM •
i feel as though if someone is accusing you and there is really nothing going on it's because there cheating.
posted by myra on 2/21/2008
yeah... i've seen that before, too. if they don't trust you, and they're always asking about every detail of your day, not because they care, but because they wanna know who you've seen and stuff... that's not a good sign.
posted by james on 2/21/2008
if you are thinking that someone is cheating on you- ask them. if they are defensive, you may have a cheater on your hands. if it just hurts their feelings and it makes them sad that you are accusing them of something they obviously would never do, you probably would want to explain to them why you thought that. but if you really really really feel like someone is cheating, it is hard to prove they aren't. you will never trust what they say...
posted by sara on 2/22/2008

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