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"Depression "
My mom is has severe depression and has gone all the way to suicide attempt. I recently moved out because I am about to get married and we want to start a life of our own in hopes that my mom would see she needed to try and take care of herself. But now her bills have been cut off she seems like she is helpless and I don't know if I should move back in but if I do I'm sure my fiancÚ will break it off because it. Isn't fair to her. Ps we also just bought a house together so we can't pay bills at both houses
posted by Halston (age 23) on 7/16/2014 @8:45:52 AM •
No matter what happens with your mom, her behavior is not a result of anything you do. If you had the ability to watch over her 24/7 and still have a job, it sounds like you would do that. But it's not balanced. I say do whatever your gut tells you. Sometimes you have to do things because - if you don't - you'll feel horrible guilty. Maybe it you told your fiancÚ that guilt is a driving factor (if it is, of course), she would understand.
posted by jon on 9/9/2014

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