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"My girlfriend is psycho"
theres lots of times where i feel like i really should break up with my girlfriend but theres things holding me back. first i mean i still really like her and everything but i feel like shes controlling, psycho, and i have no freedom anymore. im scared that im never gonna find another girlfriend. im scared that what if all girls are like her. please help
posted by Tim (age 16) on 7/23/2014 @1:19:11 AM •
Man all girls are different. Most of the time, guys and girls just don't understand each other. Girls like to feel special, and guys feel like it's smothering and controlling. If she's really psycho, run for it. You'll have no trouble finding another girlfriend (even though it seems like it'll never happen). But... sometimes if you understand what it's coming from, why she's putting pressure on you, things may relax a little bit. Just asking why (NOT in an accusing way, she may freak!) can really help in lots of situations.
posted by jon on 9/10/2014

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