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"feeling angry and disappointed"
My hysband was sick had double bypass ..been in hospital for a total of 25 days ..he has 2 sons of the sons was vacationing in hawaii for 3 weeks and today his 1st day to see his dad and came with a gift to him but nothing to me.. didnt even thank you or appreciate of what I've done .
posted by marilyn (age 58) on 7/27/2014 @5:44:16 AM •
I'd feel the same way for sure. Whether or not he brought you anything (or even said thanks), it's definitely appreciated. Some people just aren't good with thanks. Or there may be some other feelings about something that's holding it back. But I'm sure both sons really appreciate what you've done. Just remember that you did it for your husband, bottom line.
posted by jon (age 39) on 9/5/2014

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