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"creep living across the street"
Hi. This is out of the norm for me, to reach out to someone outside of my family. However, i live in a close nit neighborhood where we all know our neighbors kind of well. Lived here over 8 years. To make a long story short the elderly man who lives across the street, to whom I respected and thought was honorable, came over to my yard while i was letting my toddler swim in his tiny pool. My neighbor then in so many words tried to offer me money for sex. Omg this is so strange. I obviously was not into it and told him I am a Christian and dedicated to my husband.  I don't know how to handle this. I don't want to live here anymore, what can i do? I told my husband, but i also want to tell the other neighbors who love and respect this man. I don't think they will believe me. How can i even look at him. He is always right across the street, within like 30 feet always out in his yard, and so are we. This is awkward and i know if i tell my father, who is younger than this man, he will confront and hurt him. Any advice. I have no means of moving at the moment. Oh and he records me and whatever i do from his house and all the neighbors know he tapes everything but his camera is always been directly pointing at my house. Thanks.

posted by steph (age 26) on 8/5/2014 @10:45:13 AM •
I'm not a big fan of being bullied into doing anything, but... with a child, that's a scary situation. Somebody capable of soliciting could be capable of anything else in that realm, in my opinion. At first I thought, "get the police involved". But... with what sounds like something difficult to prove, it may just end up being a call for some kind of revenge. I wouldn't like that camera pointing my way for sure... Maybe you could start by confiding in your most trusted neighbor? Then go from there? I think I'd really want to move, if I had the means...
posted by jon (age 39) on 9/5/2014

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