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i have this boyfriend that i have been going out with for almost 2 years and idk if its just me but like i dont feel like im attracted to him as much as i was before but hes soo good to me and i dont wanna leave him and get caught in the single life and i doubt id find a guy who would love me the same and treat me as good as him but when im with him its perfect but yet when im by myself at home i just want to be single and talk to other guys and then again i cant picture myself without him...i cant tell him how i feel just because i think hes gonna blow it out of porportion and get hurt and i dont wanna have to hurt him if i dont have to.... some1 plz help me!
posted by Lety on 2/21/2008 @12:52:45 PM •
heey . its a pretty dificult situation to be in . i can tell you like him alot and that he likes you alot . but i think you should try to look for someone else .. i dont mean to say your wasting your time but what if he really isnt the one .. you could have been experiencing different guys . and different reelationships .. i think you should give a differentguy a shot .. and if he really does love you and you wat to give it a shot . he will wait for you .
posted by cheri on 2/21/2008
i think you love him, but your love has turned for love of a brother..... that's y you have a great time and can't imagine life with out him..... if you are thinking about other guys at all, he's not ur true love... so if you care for him explain this to him... let him know exactly how you are feeling... for all you know it may be the same with him... if not he will be hurt yes, but will get over it eventually and you both will stay close.... it's ok to tell him and break up for now... and if it is true love then once you start dating around you will realize this ;).... if u are meant to be together you will.... so for now, tell him exactly how you fell, it's okay.... you will get through this... and if he really cares for you he would want you to be happy, not just staying with him bc u think it makes him happy.... i hope this helps... good luck sweety ;)
posted by megan on 2/21/2008
Hey, i think I understand your situation...The most important thing is to be honest with a guy I can tell you that one of the most annoying things about situations like this is when the girl tries to make excuses about why she's doing what she's doing or just doesn't give a reason for what's going on....

but before you do anything make sure that you are really ready to move on and you aren't just having a "calm" time in yall's could just be a lull and is something you can work through...

I agree with what everyone else has said so what you think is best and remember to be as honest and real as you can be to the guy...
posted by rick on 2/21/2008
Hi Lety, Well I'm not sure how old you r but it sounds like you're in your 20's or younger. I'm a lot older than you & love giving advice when I can. First thing to do is be honest with yourself. 2 yrs is a long time to be with someone, sorta. You get used to them & close. What were u both doing

early in the relationship that ur not ( ) doing now? What has changed in the relationship if anything? Ask your boyfriend how he feels about the relationship. Most of all KNOW what you want out of the relationship. Chances are he's not your 1st bf and he WON'T be your last. Your young and there's lots to look forward to.
posted by Terry on 2/21/2008
i think maybe i have gotten use to him but idk if thats bad i mean i dont get the same like little butterflies as in the begining but i guess thats to be expected but i really just dont kno 8(
posted by Lety on 2/21/2008
well just so you know i have some credibility here... i have been dating my boyfriend for a little over 4 years! i think that you should take a step back and see if it is something you feel just right now and will pass or a genuine feeling. there was a point in which i felt attracted to another guy and he asked me out and so i said yes. i told my boyfriend (we had been together about 3 years at this point) and of course he was upset but it was something i needed to do. i found that i was really upset about even hurting him as i really cared about him but i still went with the guy for coffee and even though he was very nice i found that i just wanted my boyfriend back... i dont know if you wanna do something so extreme but you do need to figure it out for you. just because a guy treats you right doesnt mean that you should stay with him. i think it is really important but you may want to think about the reasons that you love to be with him and the reasons that you wouldnt wanna be with him and figure out if they are reasonable or something that really matters. but i hope this helps.
posted by Leah on 2/22/2008

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