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well I live in a small apartment and a couple of months ago I found a puppy on the side of the road. I brought it in apartment and nursed it to health and fell in love with it. her name is Hershey and she is rowdy and always wants to play and hardly ever goes to sleep in her little dog house. so we put her in the bed. she is just getting so big for the apartment and like I sad she is so rowdy and I am not supposed to even have her in the apartment. so I was talking with my mom and we got an offer with a foster home for her but the house is in MAINE and I live in Mississippi I want her to have an amazing life to where she can run in a backyard without a leash and she can bark and play all she wants but I am going to miss her so much that it breaks my heart to imagine it without her with me. what should I do to give my puppy an amazing life???
posted by olivia on 8/6/2014 @4:53:29 PM •
That's a hard situation to deal with! I will say that dogs like their packs, and you're probably already a part of her "pack". So it could be hard on her. But you also don't wanna make trouble where you live. It'd be nice if somebody you knew that lived close could do it!
posted by jon on 9/5/2014

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