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"please help. so confused "
Well first off I've got two children (a 7 year old and 2year old) I just want to know what's best for then. I have to decide either to move back with their father or stay away and live with my parents.

The dilemma is there was domestic violence against the father towards me. He was always so jealous and controlling, he'd call me harsh words in front of his friends. He drank a lot and smoked. Even though all that would happen he was the best father. Not just providing for our children but also spend so much time teaching them new sports. Telling and reading stories. All the bad started happening after his dad moved in our home. My son told his teacher one day that he was scared for me. And his school talked to me about it and cps was involved. So we had to move in with my parents. Its been 3 months since that has happened. My children miss their father. Their father has been sober since this has happened. I didn't not file anything against him. But I want to go back or should I still stay away? I believe he has changed but how can I be sure? Is it all an act!? Is everything going to go bad..... I'm scared for my children to see their mother go through that again
. My kids want to go back. Should I go for them?
posted by nicole on 8/9/2014 @4:39:47 PM •
Violence - to me - always seems like a threshold that's hard to cross back over. Once you've exhibited violence - again, in my experience - it's easier and easier to exhibit. I would be terrified for my child to see that...
posted by jon (age 39) on 9/5/2014

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