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I'm a senior in high school and I have a question involving two guys. I moved to my current school last year at the beginning of junior year. I wasn't initially attracted to either of them, but somewhere along the way I started liking guy1. He kept sending mixed signals so I didn't make a move. Eventually, I started liking guy2. I asked for his number we hung out after school and he hugged me bye. I told him how I felt and he said he didn't feel the same way. I want to try things with guy1 because I still like him, but guy1 and guy2 are good friends. I don't know if I should go for it because I like him or don't because their friendship. What should I do?
posted by Katelyn (age 17) on 9/5/2014 @10:13:13 PM •
Being a guy myself... if guy2 isn't interested, then he's not going to care if guy1 is interested. If guy2 is truly not interested, it won't do anything to their friendship. The only thing I can see is that guy1 may question himself sometimes, thinking, "Is she more interested in guy2 than me?" But that's it.
posted by jon on 9/6/2014

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