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"Want Out of Wisconsin"
I am a 51 year old single female who has lived in Wisconsin my whole life. I have a good career and own two homes. I realize I am lucky to have been successful.
The problem is, I DETEST the long winters here. They get so bad that I feel like I'd rather commit suicide than live through another one. I get terribly depressed for months on end when everything is dead and frozen.
I've been trying for several years to sell my homes and get a job down south so I can move to a warmer place, but to no avail. I feel so trapped that I've even thought of just walking away from everything here. But then I'd be homeless and broke.
I don't have much savings, so I can't just pick up and go. I've also thought about maybe opening my own business down south, but in this economy, that is a huge gamble.
I wonder if anyone out there may have a suggestion as to how I can get out of this situation (alive).
posted by Edy on 9/12/2014 @1:17:33 PM •
I just read how much cheaper it is to live in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee compared to the rest of the nation. You could try renting out your homes - there are services that completely manage the process (from choosing renters to executing repairs). Maybe that could give you the flexibility of just taking the plunge, starting a new adventure. You'd have a fallback. Being miserable is a bad thing, and definitely not good for your health. I think I'd choose being happy and healthy with less money over miserable...
posted by JJ on 9/12/2014

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