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"away for toooo long!"
My man is in school, i'm two hours way from him.... not bad. He's about to leave in a few weeks for Boston thats at the top of the map. How do we make this work???
posted by ~~~myra~~~ on 2/21/2008 @3:29:53 PM •
being apart probably will be a good thing. it will make you guys appreciate each other during the times you are together. just make sure you are both totally faithful to one another. i think the temptation of being able to have someone else is what tears lots of separated couples apart. if you are both committed, everything should be fine. don't worry!

posted by me on 2/22/2008
It's not going to be that bad. You guys should be able to talk more often that you think, and time will surely fly when you're apart. I'm a military girlfriend and my boyfriend has been in Iraq for 5 months, I hardly get to talk to him, like maybe a couple of times a month. We've managed to make it work, and if anything our love and relationship has just grown and strengthened!
posted by Courtney on 2/22/2008
hey my man is in the marines- in california- its realy hard to only be able to talk to him on the phone but at the same time it can make the relationship stronger- we havent even had sex yet but were already talking about marriage- i miss him more and more every day and it does hurt and i do cry but its all going to work out- i know how u feel but hang in there- u can always make something work if u believe in it. hes coming home in a few months then he ships out for iraq- but i already have plans with his parents to fly out and meet his ship when they come back in december- just trust me- if u want it to work u'll get it to work- i wish u luck!
posted by brittany on 2/22/2008
Obviously i can't tell you everything is going to be fine because all repationships are different. But from experience i know that long distance relationshiips can work. There will be hardtimes but then so do all relationships of any kind. I had a long distance relationsship for two years, and now we live together happoer than evver. Just keep with it, trust me.
posted by Mary on 2/22/2008
my boyfriend and i are four hours away which may be less than yall will be but he works constantly and cant get off and i am too busy to be there much. the way that we make it work is just through constant communication. we talk a ton just because the only relationship you will have will be over the phone or through email. pretty much not face to face. i think it is important to still make effort to be romantic in other ways like a sweet email or sending somethin in the mail. good luck
posted by Leah on 2/22/2008

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