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"mixed signals"
I have known this guy for 2 years from college. When we were in school, we were friends and had a good relationship. We were both in relationships when we met, then last year I broke up with my significant other and a few months ago he broke up with his. A few days after he broke up he called me to talk about what he was going through and we would talk for the next few days about the topic. When we were hanging out 2 weeks ago, he began asking questions like 'what kind of person am I looking for' and 'have you been dating much'. He would also make comments that insinuated that he wanted to see me dress sexy. He actually hung out with me longer than he did with his date he had the other day. A few weeks later we hung out and then we slept together. A few days later I asked what he wanted from this relationship, stay friends or if he wanted more. He stated that he just wanted to stay friends, but he gives me mixed signals and messages that makes me think he wants more than that. I need some other people's opinions.
posted by Rachel on 10/8/2014 @1:11:09 AM •
Hi Rachel,

I want to say that "guys are very different then we are" The way the handle emotions, relationships, and commitment. If you haven't already, you can google different things and find blogs and supportive facts about what you are going through. I did and not only was it helpful, but I learned alot. I have enclosed one for example. If you get a chance u can read it and go from there. Best wishes to you and your boyfriend.
posted by BL7771 (age 40) on 11/5/2014

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