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"An old friend"
I got married six years ago and I am happy and my husband is good to me but recently started talking to a man I knew when we were ten years old but he moved away when we were 16 and never saw each other again until he added me on Facebook which was 5 years ago. Recently we have been texting, talking on the phone and have fallen in love just by doing that. We live 6 hours apart and in different countries so we don't see each other but we are planning a special two nights together in 6 weeks. I am super excited and can't wait to see him but I feel like a monster of a wife. I don't want to leave my husband and I know this man and I will never be a couple because of many reasons but I really want to have passionate sex with him just this one time????
posted by Amy (age 40) on 10/21/2014 @1:32:36 AM •
um that is a tough one sweetie. I'm not going to tell you what to do but I want you to consider if it's not too late, (I see the date on this). The guilt that you might carry after the fact might not be worth it because it WILL affect your marriage and you might feel so guilty that you want to tell your husband. Or, you might suspect him doing something when he is not. The way you feel is completely normal. Maybe you can have a talk with him and hope he cares enough about you and your marriage/family to understand and not let you go through with it. Remember though, thinking about something and doing it are two completely different ballgames. It's like dreams versus reality, or like watching porn or actually committing the acts. If it's only happening in your thoughts and desires, there really is no serious consequences. I hope this helps.
posted by BL7771 (age 40) on 11/3/2014

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