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what is the correct signature on a family holiday card-does the husband come first
posted by rgoldschmidt on 12/18/2007 @11:30:09 AM •
well... i'm no professional, but... i say whoever's doing the work should get to make the choice. when i sign a card, my name comes first. but that's because i'm doing the work of getting the card and signing it...
posted by jonathan on 12/18/2007
Well, I agree with Jonathan, but I also think that consideration needs to be given to who the person you're sending the card to knew first. I know when referring to groups of friends and family, the person I knew first or have a stronger connection to comes first in the listing of names. But in most cases, if you don't know who was known first or don't care/don't want to step on toes, you can always sign a family holiday card with the family name; i.e. Happy holidays from the Smith's, or from the Smith family.
posted by Patrick on 12/20/2007

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