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ok so im 18 and a single mother and i wanna start dating again, my kids come first no matter what, but everytime i talk to someone either they run as soon as they find out i have kids or they "absoutly love" kids but then i never hear from them again...or they think im easy but im really not. im just wondering if there are guys out there that are mature enough to except that i have kids and date me anyways or if im doomed to roam the earth alone....
posted by alicia on 2/21/2008 @7:06:21 PM •
don't give up! your perfect guy is out there somewhere. it's really cool that you put your kids first...make sure it stays that way and your future guy will love you for that.
posted by mindy on 2/21/2008
Alicia GOD BLESS YOU! for taking care of your baby. Yes they are VERY important & at very young ages needy also. It's expected. Hope you have family or friends to help you out. You need some alone time too. You're young and guys your age aren't looking to father someone else's child. Heck, most of them don't even wanna father their own. Don't be upset about them running in the other direction. You have a future to look out for, yours & your child's. So for now keep it low. Dating is cool as long as you're not looking for a father for the children. You don't have to mention them. You don't even have to go on a date with the same guy all of the time. NO I'M NOT SAYING SLEEP AROUND, LOL. Sometimes just having a male friend that you can chat with & confide in is cool too.
posted by Terry on 2/21/2008
i would say deff dont give up
my mother has 3 kids and the oldest is 23 its gonna take more of a man and its gonna be harder but u will find him
p.s. they've been dating for the past 3 years
posted by Lety on 2/21/2008
You are 18 and i dont think any 18 year old guy is ready for something like all. What you need to the support of a close guy friend. Eventually it may turn into something more, but you cant go out there and pick up guys like you used to. This will take time and a very mature and amazing relationship. Dont worry too much and keep up being a great mother. In the end it will all work our - you have your whole life ahead of you. :)
posted by lindsay on 2/23/2008

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