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"Future mother in law"
My fiancÚ and I have a great relationship. Both of us have small children from previous relationships. His mother did not plan for her retirement and now at 70 she is on disability and cannot get a job to support herself. Although she has 3 children my fiancee is the only one who helps her. So she has to live with us because she has no other option. She does everything for him, even cooks his lunch to take to work. She does his laundry and also does everything for his son. He has told her he is grown but she keeps doing everything anyway. She doesn't do anything for me or my daughter. Our entire relationship she has been here. We have never been just us. It's always been the 3 of us. I feel so unhappy.
posted by Unhappy on 10/21/2014 @1:28:01 PM •
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