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"Selfish Boyfriend"
I devoted a whole year of my life and I'm just now trying to cut ties with my boyfriend. He says one thing sometimes then another another time.. I can't live my life like this.. He takes off in the morning before we even spent quality time (he was released from prison). Doesn't call or come back, I know his mom just died which was his best friend, but i need to let go and get over him so he does not have any control over my life, thoughts, and emotions. So when he needs my help, I won't be invested or involved emotionally or romantically. Or just my peace of mind and self-esteem back and being happy with just me would be nice. It's hard to be invested in someone, give them money, time, love, faithfulness, and the have them up and leave like I was never nothing. And after telling me he loved me and wanting me to account for everything and anything that had to do w our relationship.
posted by BL7771 (age 40) on 11/3/2014 @2:36:37 PM •
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