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"he cheated"
Well I was dating a guy for two months and he cheated (kissed) not just one but at least two other girls one night when he was out partying. I didn't find out until 4 days later when a girlfriend of mine told me she was there and saw him do it. When i confronted him about it he admitted it and said he was sorry and that he had never done that before. I broke it off but we go to college together and we still talk alot. I still like him and he says he wants to work it out. What do i do?
posted by ~~ confused! on 2/22/2008 @2:02:41 PM •
I had a similar situation. I say you just go for him. But first he needs to earn his trust! let him know that if he cheats on you again you gone. Other than that i say you go for him.
posted by Jackie on 2/22/2008
think about it...what is there to work out? that he kissed someone? is that really something for you guys to 'work out'? trust is so huge in any relationship. if you aren't able to trust him, you are just going to be beating a dead don't need a cheater on your hands...he made a stupid mistake (not once, but twice...that you know of) and should pay for it. sorry if that's harsh, but it's so true.
posted by kay on 2/23/2008
partying? k well was he possibly under tha influence? or mayb its because he is in his prime years for his hormones. basically everyone screws up sometimes i mean come on, say ur at this party & u have just one drink and theres this guy you like thats not ur boyfriend &he flirts and does stuff... Your most likely to kiss him. If your boyfriend [ex] is able to confront you and say hes really sorry and everything, then he really deserves a second chance. after that there should be limits and an official breakup should be considerd for any more offenses.
posted by lindsay on 2/23/2008

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