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"i dont know what to do really ....."
Ok idk really how to start this but here it goes...ok theres this guy lets call him T me and T have dated for a little while but broke up cause we both wouldn't agree to stay in Canada or not (oh I forgot to add its a long distance relationship and I REALLY don't wanna stay in Canada for the rest of my life...and he doesn't want to move at all from his small town in Manitoba) we continued to be "friends" ish ....we practical suck at being just friends but anywas....idk if its just me having really high hopes in life to not live in Canada or no but everytime I talk to the back of my mind I always have this thought of "I could always stay in Canada for sure it couldn't be that bad" and that scares me cause ive tried and avoided giving my heart to someone in Canada for that reason and yet here I am...talking to the most perfect man of my dreams guy...who I keep trying to move on from him but just really can' other guy compares! ....idk what to do really....she I just suck it up and forget my dream and want to never live in Canada or just suck it up and be with him ??????
posted by Si (age 17) on 11/16/2014 @8:00:35 PM •
We moved to a tiny town about a year ago, and I didn't know what I'd think about it at first. But... we can get to "places" in about 15 minutes or so, and we can always travel to huge cities... So I'm enjoying the quietness, and - whenever it's needed - we can get to a city. I don't know, something to consider!
posted by jon (age 39) on 11/20/2014

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