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"Work Issue"
Lately I've been getting random illnesses and I suspect my immune system is weak. I also have issues sleeping and that prpbably furthers the problem.

A month ago I got two massive canker sores in my mouth after dental work. They were so bad I was in agony and the only time I felt relief was when I wasn't moving my mouth. Being at work was difficult to concentrate and make interactions with clients (I work in cosmetic sales). I also had swollen lymph nodes to top it off. I ended up asking for the Saturday off that week so I can see a doctor because I was clearly not in good condition.

Two weeks ago I took two days off of work because I had the stomach flu and was up all night vomitting for two nights in a row. Clearly in no condition to work. My boss questioned why this happened the following days of Halloween. I am not a partier and in no way was my condition from drinking all weekend.

Fast forward two weeks later, I end up with an eye infection Friday morning. Knowing it might be contagious and a bad idea to work, I still went in. I was an hour late because I spent so much time dealing with my eyes watering, itching, sneezing etc.
When I get in my boss asks me what's going on, why I have so many infections etc. I don't have an answer for him and I get the feeling that he doesn't believe me.
As the day goes on, my eyes get worse and I let him know I need to take the next day off to see an eye doctor because it's worse. He is not happy (which I can understand, truly). But I was very upset that he questioned my integrity by asking why I have to take so many Saturdays off. He said he has second thoughts about it because it's now happened a few times.
I get that he's thinking that but he didn't have to say it. I'm a hard worker and always give 110% and do the best I can. I know it's not his concern for my health and I don't want sympathy but I feel like he could have kept his mouth shut.

I feel pretty discouraged now and unhappy with my work situation and guilty for taking the time I need to recover.
Should I let it go or talk to his boss? I don't feel comfortable bringing it up to him personally. I know he won't care or listen.
posted by Christie (age 24) on 11/22/2014 @2:06:29 AM •
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