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"my moms car"
My mom pasted away in 2009 of breast cancer. I'm the second oldest of 4 siblings. My youngest little sister was 13 when our mom died. All her life,my mom struggled and she was very strong hearted. She was also tough so with her,there was no bull****ting. She had been paying for a 2004 Chevy Abel which was under me and my ex husbands name. After she died,we finished paying for it. It was said that the car would go to my youngest sister. But after my mom died everything changed,I lost my mom,I had a baby and I was going through a separation that lead to divorce. My sisters weren't any support,they just didn't understand what I was going through. As a result,we stopped talking for a while and we finally made up 2 yrs ago. They have totally changed and don't really have any feelings over my mother's death. I do not have a good relationship with my ex husband,but we have 2 children together. I'm in a new relationship and I had a beautiful little girl with this person. I moved on but my ex husband is so bitter. In my divorce I let him have most of his way and didn't fight for anything,I just wanted a new life. My moms car stayed under the carport of my house that I had with my ex husband. My kids and myself live with the love of my life in his home. The car is broken and a mechanic said it was only worth $200.00 so I told my younger sister that I will pay her $200.00 for it. Now on the divorce decree it clearly states that the car is mine,I didn't want any other vehicle just my moms car to be mine. Well out of respect for my moms wishes,I wanted my younger sister to have it but to her,this car has no sentimental value. It's just a car and to me,well,my mom worked very hard for it. So I offered the $200.00 to my little sister just so nobody from the family or any other people would say anything. Under the circumstances,I haven't had the financial opportunity to pay her. Well,recently my ex husband ran into my sister at the store,now they haven't seen each other in a long time so it was awkward. For whatever reason,my ex husband decides to butt in and offer my little sister $800.00 for the car. She then calls me later that day and says "guess what,I'm selling the car to Juan". It stunned me and I'm hurt. She wants me to sign it over to him,but I just can't do it. If she decided to sell it to someone else maybe but not him. He took everything from me,has lied to me,cheated on me and now wants my dead mother's car. This is UnBelievable! I know when my younger sister finds out I'm not going to do what she wants,it will be the end of our relationship. I had called my ex husband earlier in the week and let him know there was no way he was getting the car. But he is still pursuing this. I'm torn and I love my little sister but I just can't do this. So what I want to do is give her the $200.00 we had originally agreed to and call it even. What should I do?
posted by Dana (age 35) on 12/19/2014 @2:01:01 AM •
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