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"Am I wrong in how I feel?"
To condense a long story down...I discovered and located my biological father, when I was old enough to decide for myself. It's been nearly 15 years that we have built a relationship. We talk on the phone and occasionally when timing works see each other maybe once a year. We have become good friends...I feel, but we still don't share everything or know everything about one another. It took me till recent years to ask about his family, when I did, I was informed that they knew nothing of me, and that he needed to explain a few things pertaining to them to me first. After all the discussion, I understood he would tell them...but a few years have past, and nothing... It's hard to talk about it with him also. His parents aren't young and siblings still don't know either. He doesn't want to hurt his ailing parents with the news?!?! I keep avoiding talking to him recently because every time he mentions them...my first thought is "what the family that doesn't know I exist???" I have to keep stepping away from it, because I only end up mad with myself for having those thoughts!! How should I go about talking to him? Am I right to feel angered or even that he feels ashamed of me, by hiding me?!? Also, mad at myself, because I've done enough snooping that if I wanted to be mean, I could contact them myself...but I don't want to be like that!!
posted by Marie on 12/27/2014 @12:08:16 AM •
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