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"Distance and fighting. "
I've been dating this guy for over 16 months since yesterday, we have had our good days and our bad days but it recently seems that all we really do now since he has left town to go to college and I decided to stay here and make money and go to college. Well, my first problem is that I'm always upset with him. I love him dearly but if he does something im either jealous or upset or angry. I honestly believe its a lack of real communication. But i don't know what to do about fighting, I'm always either upset and crying and or mad at him. I dont know why I allow him to have such control of my emotions and myself and I honestly hate it. I dont know how to fix fighting either because he came back from college for winter break and said he was miserable because all we did was fight. Well I can help I feel but at the same time I feel as though he should be mad at, hes a spoiled freaking kid and I'm tried of him acting as though hes the victim in a fight when honest we both contribute to the fight. The second issue is that he acts as though he is worthless and such when stuff actually hits the fan. What in the world am I suppose to do when he acts worthless and like tried to make me feel guilt for fighting with him. I just don't know what to do about that and i truly dislike it when he does it. I've suggested breaking up and or taking a break and such and he refuses to do it because I know that once we take a break or something, I wont want to go back into a relationship because I know that it is toxic and I know there is several parts in our relationship that is toxic that we need to really freaking fix and that's my anger. I dont know how to actually think things through though. I'm one of those people who jump to conclusion. When I am not upset, I'm able to think things though and Im so much more wiser and like i feel better. I hate my anger and how it just effects me, I only put it out on him also because he really is the only one who upsets me it seems.
My third issue is MAGIC THE GATHERING.
There is this thing going on in my small town called 'Friday night magic' Well, magic is my boyfriends hobbies and I dislike magic because of how brainwashed all my darn friends have become over the stupid game. (So much so that they drove all the way to Denver to play in a torment and denvers 14 hours away) I dont know why I get so upset about it but I do and it refuse to even give it another shot because its just to stupid in my opinion. But he told me "I dont choose magic over you" Well today we got into a fight because a I had asked him yesterday if he was gonna go play magic and he had said it didn't know, well today he got a called from a friend telling him to come play magic even after he had told them "I'm with Janet" well they ignored that fact completly and I had decided it was best for him to just go because he had told them "Probably" Well, when he left i was upset because he left anyways, he said he felt bad but still left and I hate that. He should of said something like "I'm going back to college and ill play it there" Well that wasn't said in till we where texting and fighting. I just dont know what to do anymore, Help please!
posted by Janet on 1/9/2015 @8:08:22 PM •
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