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"Is he joking?"
Ok so theres this guy who im friends with, we actually have mutual friends, anyway, hes this funny mean rude kinda guy.. Like whatever mean thing he says he doesnt mean, hes just trying to be funny. So yesterday he talks to me after we get back from skl and tells me he wants to confess something, and he tells me that he knows i hate this but he was checking me out and was looking at my cute smile yada yada... He sounds sensere but i dont know if its a bet or a joke with the other guys.. Im really confused
posted by Stephanie (age 18) on 1/14/2015 @11:19:41 AM •
Sounds like you like the guy but your afraid of being a fool. Some guys are shy and act mean to cover up for their insecurity, some guys are tricky and are just players. Either way don't sleep with him until your ready, or married, which ever one applies to you. Why don't you find out what kind of a guy he is from one of you mutual friends. How old is he?
posted by Peter on 2/12/2015

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