relationship advice (post new situation)
This boy and I have a thing, I liked him for as long as i can remember. Well this past year we started hanging out more and more. Until he went off to college in the Fall. He ended up failing out his first semester so he came back home. We were just as close as we were before he left. He decided he was gonna throw a new years eve party, which I went to. But i had to leave 3 a.m. Well i found out that right after i left, he was hooking up with another girl! needless to say i was pissed.. But we actually worked things out. But now he's out in college and i really have no way of contacting him. Should i get out of this relationship?
posted by Amber on 2/22/2008 @2:28:25 PM •
welll... how should you know if you havnt talked to him? obviously this would be very hard to get over him, but until you are actually able to be with him like ya'll used to be, you can never know whether he is fooling around with other girls...which he probly is if yall arnt as close anymore. He is in college and things are a whole lot different. Unless he is making the effort to stay in touch and be serious, then you need to stop the relationship so you can have your own life and possibly start a new, less confusing one [relationship].
posted by lindsay on 2/23/2008

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