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"Stuck and confused"
OK so last winter I went home from school to see my family during christmas break. I started hanging out with this girl and ended up really liking her a lot and she seemed to do the same with me. We had a lot in common and I really thought that it could be something serious. When I left for school she grew distant that same day and by the next morning she completely cut me off but still read my messages and everything which concerned me but I told myself she lost her phone or something. She didn't lose her phone. About two or three months went like this and in the mean time I got depressed and my grades plummeted, I failed my midterms, and almost lost my financial aid in the process. After several months I got over the depression but not over her and sometimes she'd respond to my texts but we only had short meaningless conversations. I spent the summer working in my town and saw her once but we didn't talk she said hi and quickly left. At this point I thought I must've done something horribly wrong and didn't know what so I got up the courage to ask her and she hardly gave an explanation at all if you can call it that, one of the reasons being she had a boyfriend but they had only been together for a month at this point. This completely broke me down all over again so I started drinking, smoking, doing hard drugs, and doing things on my motorcycle that I'm lucky didn't kill me or someone else. I put on a mask as a happy, care free douchebag to protect myself from this ever happening again and it has worked just fine except for the fact that I am constantly lonely and empty on the inside. I've torn through several relationships for entertainment just to get a bad rep and keep girls away. Now three days ago that girl started talking to me again and I let her back in but yesterday she stopped talking to me again and I feel that it has repeated myself and the emptiness is back more than ever. I'm a total wreck and I have no idea how to move one from this girl.
posted by Nick on 3/7/2015 @9:45:04 PM •
My best advice to you would be to try to move on. Don't try to push others away just because one girl hurt you and also don't continuously allow her to bring you down. It may take time for you to understand but one day you will realize that everything happens for a reason. Some people come into your life a reason, and others just come for a season. You have to determine which is which to prevent yourself from dealing with pain and suffering. Somewhere someone is out there is perfect for you. They may not come today, and they may not come tomorrow. But they will come someday.
posted by princess (age 16) on 3/29/2015
You need Jesus. He will fill the hole in your heart. This girl isn't worth your time is she keeps doing this to you.
posted by iabh (age 21) on 5/7/2015

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