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"I need to make a choice"
I have lived in the us legally since the year 2001 & graduated in 2013.My initial plan was to attend college and work a part time job, my plans went down hill once I realized my visa status wasnt eligible for instate tuition nor any sort of financial aid. I spent a year working 2 part time jobs,3 at one point attempting to save up money for school but couldn't. A year later I found a factory full time that paid extremely well& offered many benefits but eventually made going to school impossible due to time consumption. This job helped me financially allowing me to get a car and pay for school but made going to school almost impossible. I've tried staying in this state recently because I'm a huge help to my mother and have tried many different ways to succeed but my visa is the issue. Recently my car failed because I was ripped off and I will no longer be responsible for paying it of. I've had the option of going to California where in 3 yrs I will be eligible for financial aid and have more opportunity's immigration wise but I will be starting completely fresh with support from relatives. I am afraid to leave the financial stability I have here as well as my mother who worries me but I feel stuck and failed here not to mention our relationship has become very problamtic. What should I do? I know 3 years is a long time but its better than nothing.
posted by Jean (age 20) on 3/27/2015 @1:44:09 PM •
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